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Shaped refractory products - Low alumina content

chamottes argiles


The chamottes and clays used

The chamottes and clays used in our formulations are selected with the utmost care.

Their chemical (in particular their iron oxide content) and mineralogical compositions together with the microstructures of the chamottes meet the technical specifications drawn up by our laboratory and are submitted to regular inspections.


Standard products fabrication

BONY offers a wide range of standard products :

Bricks and assortments of end arches, side arches, tiles, double-end arches, bonder bricks, etc.

French format : 220×110, 220×220, 220×165
European format : 230×114, 230×230, 230×172
German format : 250×124, 250×250, 250×187

ISO blocks for rotary kilns

Ladle bricks

40 to 200 mm thick slabs, in the following formats :

Various formats : 400×400, 500×400, 500×500, 600×400, 600×500, 800×400, 800×600 et 1000×500


Special products fabrication

BONY studies and designs the tools required for production of complex special parts adapted to the specific needs of its customers :

  • Anode baking furnace cross walls and partition bricks
  • Fastening bricks
  • Resistance support
  • Ingot casting and bottom pouring extruded products

The flexibility of its production tool allows both mass production of several thousand tonnes and production of small runs of a few hundred parts.


Technical characteristics

low alumina content products

These values representing average results of tests conducted on standard bricks are inspected regularly by a COFRAC accredited external laboratory.


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