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laboratoire Bony, fabrication briques réfractaires


Founded more than 150 years ago

Founded more than 150 years ago, BONY is today a major player on the market of silico-aluminous refractory materials.

Its main areas of expertise are: the steel, glass and aluminium industries, incineration of industrial waste, lime and cement, chemistry, as well as engineering firms, industrial furnace manufacturers, and installers.

BONY uses its experience to produce two types of products :

  • Over compressed materials used for the construction of industrial thermal installations (furnaces, kilns)
  • Hollow-extruded products (“plastic paste”) intended mainly for the steel industry and for which BONY offers its customers a tailor-made service. In view of their complex shapes, extruded parts are produced with the greatest possible care.

BONY accompanies world leaders in the continuous upgrading of their processes by satisfying increasingly demanding specifications: excellence is the sole response to market globalisation.

This is why BONY has teamed up with the world’s leading specialists based in France such as the CNRS – CEMHTI (Extreme Conditions and Materials: High Temperature and Irradiation) as well as with higher education bodies thanks to the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne.


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