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Innovation and performance

The various industrial sectors for which BONY’s refractory products are intended are submitted to continuous technological changes. Also, the stresses exerted on the refractory linings and thus the required performances for these materials need to be re-examined regularly. To accompany its customers and satisfy their new needs, BONY has adopted an approach resolutely focused on innovation and continuous improvement.

BONY boasts a research and development laboratory equipped with facilities designed to physically and mechanically characterise the refractory ceramics manufactured.

External laboratories, recognised nationally and internationally for their reliability and the quality of their tests, are called on to complete the range of tests conducted.


We are constantly improving the technicality and carbon impact of our products


We adapt to the specific constraints and needs of our customers


We make a point of quality control of our refractory bricks


Quality at the heart of our products

To successfully complete quality research projects, BONY has teamed up with recognised public laboratories.

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A strong partnership has thus been forged between :

  • The École des Mines de Saint-Etienne (EMSE – SMS Structures and Materials Sciences Centre)
  • The Orléans CNRS (CEMHTI laboratory – Extreme Conditions and Materials: High Temperatures and Irradiation)
  • and BONY

The association of industrial partners and refractory users allows for great efficiency and mutually fruitful feedback on experiences.

The post-mortem analyzes of the refractories provided by these industrial partners are valuable in proposing new formulations better suited to the technical reality of the installations.

BONY is attentive to its customers to respond precisely to their technical requirements, for example to improve the lifetime of refractory lining, to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption or to advance the quality of finished products thanks to a refractory Better adapted (less inclusions in cast metal parts, etc.).

Research and development are truly at the heart of BONY’s innovation approach.


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