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norme qualité ISO 9001


To adapt to customer requirement

The QUALITY system defines all the manufacturing processes used to produce and deliver, at the agreed date, products complying with customer requirements.




“Flawless products” and “Keeping to delivery times” are the two commitments entered into by the BONY teams. Today, these commitments are part of our corporate culture.

Our ISO 9001 certification awarded in 1994 reassures our new customers as to the capacity of our structure to meet their requirements.

Special care is taken with inspections (incoming inspections of raw materials, followed by inspections at each production step, and finally inspection of finished products prior to dispatch). The aim of these inspections is not only to ensure compliance with the values marked on the product technical datasheets (porosity, cold and hot mechanical resistance, chemical analysis, etc.) but also to ensure conformity of the dimensions of the products inspected by calliper and absence of internal defects detected by ultrasound.

Inspections are the main indicator of the performance of the QUALITY system: total absence of non-conform products is the theoretical target to be achieved. All non-conformities are detected prior to product dispatch to ensure the customer never sees them. Inspections result in corrective action plans that improve the processes and aim at the “0 fault”. The QUALITY system is thus constantly improved, thereby guaranteeing our customers’ satisfaction. The QUALITY system is thus continuously improving by guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

We are convinced that QUALITY is the result of teamwork, which implies the respect and “well-being” of people working in a CLEAN and TIDY environment and in conditions guaranteeing both their SAFETY and that of others.

French SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL standards are exacting, and French labour law is highly protective towards employees. It is for these reasons too that QUALITY has become an essential part of BONY’s structure and that customers are reassured by our France-based location.


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