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For more than 30 years, BONY has been working with leading international glassmaking groups for the production of flat glass (float), container glass, tableware glass, vials as well as technical glass: pharmaceutical technologies, optical fibres, glass-ceramic, etc.

In close collaboration with the technical divisions of glassmaking leaders, BONY has developed grades adapted to the constraints faced by glass furnaces: temperatures, thermal shocks, etc. and offers a range of products compatible with their increased service life.

Its Research & Development department has prepared new formulations to meet the changes in thermal stresses of some furnace types.


The grades proposed


The B40SE, B40SFI, B44SFI, B44SV and B46SP grades are destined in particular for the brickwork of chamber walls and protective layers, and for the bottom paving of melting furnaces.


The B60SK, B60SKM, B70SM and B70SM2 grades are particularly used in the hot zones of regenerators: rider-arches, checkers, masks, etc

BONY also proposes prefabricated parts made of concrete oven-dried and sintered up to 1,500°C for the production of small runs of special parts.

BONY’s technical production means and machining equipment comply with the reduced dimensional tolerances stipulated by certain customers. Geometrical and dimensional inspections of the assemblies are conducted on pre-mounts carried out in the factory.




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