BONY’s wind of change

BONY’s wind of change

BONY teams are proud to announce you all these news.

Happy Birthday – 160 years already !

BONY was privileged to celebrate its 160th anniversary at the end of 2022 with all the staff and their families.

A beautiful moment of conviviality to strengthen human links.

A brand new website

We brought a touch of modernity and dynamism to reflect BONY’s DNA.

Pictures have been taken by a professional photographer to highlight the refractory products.


BONY made a significant investment in industrial tool to sustain the company.

We know how to adapt and we offer you quality products that meet your requirements.

Teams evolution

BONY hired new employees. We welcome them once again. We welcome them once again.

Some production and maintenance workers moved on to more responsibilities.

A new management

Welcome to the new management team, dynamic and motivated to make BONY progress in its internal and external environment

Thibaut NATOLI, General Manager