BA60I: what am I and where am I used?

BA60I: what am I and where am I used?

Composition: andalusite-mullite aggregates and fines. High temperature sintering (> 1450°C) gives the brick interesting mechanical and chemical properties!

Andalusite = stone containing silica and alumina. Its composition makes it a material of choice for the manufacture of refractories. 25% of the world production of Andalusians is produced in Glomel in Brittany.

Mullite= Extremely rare in its natural state, mullite is produced artificially for industry, by firing various aluminosilicates such as andalusite. The stability and exceptional thermomechanical properties of the synthetic mullite obtained make it a key ingredient in many refractory and foundry products.

The BA60I is used in the incineration sectors (rotary kiln and post-combustion chamber) at temperatures up to 1400°C.

BA60I refractory material