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A quest for excellence at the service of our customers

BONY’s customers are at the heart of our teams’ everyday concerns, and are the company’s primary asset. Although our customers work in sectors as varied as steel, glass, aluminium, cement, lime, incineration, chemistry and energy, they have in common their industrial leadership and their quest for excellence.

It is by satisfying its customers’ ever-increasing requirements that BONY has adapted to the market, now international, of refractory products. BONY’s strategy is to meet the challenges set by the globalisation of its market with the many advantages it offers as a French medium-sized industry.

This customer-focused strategy is two-parts

The product

quality and innovation rather than increased production volumes: implementation of this product differentiation and reliability policy is greatly simplified by our location in France. BONY’s laboratory enjoys close partnerships with the Ecole de Mines de Saint Etienne and the Orléans National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS- CEMHTI), in order to develop, with its customers, the most suited formulas to guarantee optimum performance. France also offers the workforce best trained in advanced Ceramic techniques, ensuring continuous improvement of BONY’s “Quality” process, which in 1994 was awarded ISO 9001 certification.

The service

Listening to and advising our customers. Its size has enabled BONY to be close to its customers and provide prompt responses to their needs.

BONY’s primary aim is to provide technical solutions to all of its customers’ requests, while seeking to improve the “price/performance” ratio of the products proposed and adapting delivery times to the constraints formulated.

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Well-being at work

Alongside their concern with company growth, BONY’s shareholders and senior management make their prime concern the safety of their employees and the improvement of their working conditions. We are convinced that the professional fulfilment of our teams, just as an environmentally-friendly policy, are essential to the lasting success of all industrial activities.

« Do our best to offer our customers the best solutions in our specialities » in short, this is our company’s motto and we invite all those working in the refractory sector the world over to contact or visit us as it is together that we progress best.

Christian LALO – BONY SA CEO


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French manufacturer of shaped refractory products


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